Patient Care and Coverage

Our Patient Financial Assistance program is designed to tailor options for uninsured or underinsured patients based on individual circumstances.

Working With Insurance

Transplant Genomics is committed to providing testing ordered and deemed medically necessary by a physician, regardless of our network status with private insurances. Our Patient Financial Assistance program is designed to tailor solutions for uninsured or underinsured patients based on individual circumstances. In certain circumstances — specifically depending upon the patient’s financial status and the applicable law — we may adjust some or all laboratory charges if the patient cannot afford to pay for their testing.

In all cases, our team is here to help providers and patients navigate billing, preauthorization, or reimbursement questions. We can be reached at 1-844-TRUGRAF (878-4723).

TruGraf Test Ordering, Claims, and Billing Process

  1. The TruGraf Test is Ordered by Physicians as they Deem Medically Necessary
    All necessary health insurance information is required for each patient at the time of order, including both primary and secondary insurance billing information. Patients should present their Medicare insurance card if they have Medicare as secondary insurance. Transplant Genomics will file insurance claims for services ordered by physicians on their patient’s behalf.
  2. Transplant Genomics Submits an Insurance Claim for the TruGraf test to Medicare or Insurer
    If insurance coverage is denied, our billing specialists will collaborate with the insurance carrier to file appeals and pursue coverage on the patient’s behalf. During this appeals process, the patient may receive an “Explanation of Benefits,” or “EOB,” from their insurance carrier. The EOB is not a bill from either the insurance carrier or Transplant Genomics but is simply a description of what medical treatments, including diagnostic laboratory testing, the insurance carrier may or may not cover. However, the initial EOB the patient receives from their insurer may be redundant or voided once Transplant Genomics files an appeal to the claim on their behalf.
  3. The Billing Process
    Transplant Genomics will bill the patient’s insurance company as an independent lab provider and collaborate with them to adjudicate the claim. Depending on the terms of their healthcare insurance policy and how successful we are in filing appeals on their behalf, patients may receive a bill for the deductible, co-insurance, or co-payment after their insurance company has processed the final claim. This billing process for non-Medicare claims holds true irrespective of Transplant Genomics’ insurance network status and is in strict accordance with all applicable law.

Patient Financial Assistance

Payment Plans

We offer patients, in certain circumstances, monthly installment payments, allowing those unable to pay full balances by the indicated dates due on an invoice from Transplant Genomics.

Compassionate Use Program 

Transplant Genomics has a Compassionate Use Program for patients in need of financial assistance. Patients may be eligible to receive tiered discounts on their balance, based upon the U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines and specifically predicated on their income and family unit size. Eligibility for this assistance program is based upon verified income and other information indicated in a Financial Assistance Application, which patients must complete to be eligible for assistance.

For additional assistance on this option, please call Transplant Genomics at 1-844-TRUGRAF (878-4723) and press “2” when prompted, or email us at

Download Financial Assistance Application

Financial Assistance Applications can be returned to Transplant Genomics via email to or via postal mail to:

Transplant Genomics, Inc.
Attn: Managed Care Dept.
46774 Lakeview Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538